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Hosted by David Brückner & Neta Gracewell

Cards on the Table is a fun, fast paced networking event inspired by card games, designed to help artists connect and form new collaborations.


It’s a specific set up aiming to be focused, succinct and useful for artists to talk through the things that they’re really interested in creating.

How does it work?

On a "date", each participant draws up to 3 cards, writes on them a short sentence to describe their project, and gets 1 minute to pitch it to their partner. At the end of the round, you can take the cards of your date which you thought were interesting. By the end of the event you will potentially have several cards with projects you're interested in.

Of course we’ve got some more game rules to make it even more fun, but these will be explained in the evening itself.

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Tuesday, February 27th

7.30 PM

The Cockpit, London

Participant Testimonials

"I met fantastic artists which continues to be a fuel for inspiration and motivation in a difficult industry."

“Not only good to network but also to clarify and improve the ideas you have. Got lots of great advice as well”

“Lovely networking event! I got to have lots of conversations. Appreciate your creativity David & Neta”

“Super event. It works really well so keep it going - it’s very much needed”

"Met some really lovely people and have some great connections I'm gonna follow up on!"

"Hearing about fascinating ideas and getting to explain my own thoughts!"

Past Events

Theatre Deli, London (June 2022) - special pilot event for Migrant and Global Majority artists.

The Cockpit, London (September 2022) - open to all theatre makers.

The Glitch, London (November 2022) - open to all theatre makers.

Young Vic Creators Program (June 2023) - a special event for the network.

The Cockpit, London (December 2023) - open to all theatre makers.

Meet the Hosts


David Brückner is a German actor, writer and producer on the line between UK and Germany. David trained at University of Arts Bern, and works across both theatre and film.


Neta Gracewell is a theatre director, performer, creative producer and multidisciplinary artist. She trained at RCSSD and is the Artistic Director of Junction Theatre.

See you at the next event!

cards on the table title logo.png
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