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Second Hand Problems

 Six women, three stories, one limbo. Will they ever find their way out? 


2022 - Alice is getting married today. Carol had four husbands, but it didn't end well with the last one…. Meeting over a bargain box in a charity shop, they soon discover the horrific truth about their existence and hang on to their only hope of retribution. 


2005 - Cat is trying to fill in a form at an abortion clinic and make the hardest decision of her life when her dead mother appears to stir things up. Is she going crazy, or do they have unfinished business? 


1985 - Mel is looking to escape the commotion of her mother's wake, and in the basement, she finds a weird tape revealing a secret queer past. Will she find the courage to break the cycle of shame her family is stuck in? 

Second Hand Problems is a wacky, honest and moving tragi-comedy about the shared griefs and joys of being a woman and the importance of sisterhood. These stories highlight how women can help each other through life's darkest moments.

Coming up to Camden Fringe 2024, don't miss the world premiere of this banger of a show!

2nd + 3rd August, 7 PM

4th August, 2.30 PM

Theatro Technis, NW1 1TT



Audience Reactions for Past R&Ds

"I think this was the most nuanced production."

"The acting was phenomenal and a great concept for with physical theatrical

"Liked the twist to the ending!"

"Absorbing, twisty and powerful"

"Very much enjoyed the concept and would be interested to see more!"

"Great twist at end. Great story."

"Loved it. I’d like to see more of this."

"Really fun and written really well."

"Strong and intriguing. A clever piece of writing and unexpected turning points!"

"The development of the story was great. Comedy moments were funny."

Production photos by Emma Kelly, Neta Gracewell, Molly O'Donell and Marcia Tucker

We'd like to thank Slackline Productions for facilitating Slackline Sleepover, where the journey of this play originated, and for all the support in following R&Ds. Thank you to Brighton Dome Anita's Room for enabling further R&Ds of the play.

A special thank you to Molly O'Donell, Marica Tucker, Aurea Williamson and Chloe Orrock- all brilliant actors who generously supported the development of the script.

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